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And 64 geometric puzzles.

Mathematical Memory Activities

Mathematical memory games and more…

Mathematics, Learning and Technology

Develop your memory TransumA Back to School collection of activities from Transum Mathematics was a reminder of many activities I like and a source of some new discoveries. Looking at the Develop Your Memory suggestions, I noted Number Recall something which I think I’ll try with Year 7 when we look at Statistics. It is often said that the average person can remember 7 digit numbers; the Transum activity allows a choice of the number of digits so we’ll see how good our memories are! I rather like the Kim’s Game activity here too which led me to a collection of Kim’s Games on Transum including Angle Theorem Kim’s Game, something to try perhaps when reviewing Circle Theorems.

Transum Kim's Game Transum Mathematics – Angle Theorem Kim’s Game

Venn Diagram PairsIn fact, Transum has a whole collection of memory activities, the collection includes the various Kim’s game activities and many more. There are several pairs games…

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Nrich Games

There are many recommendations for Nrich games on the pages of this site.

Some of the games chosen by Nrich

Some of the games chosen by Nrich

Note this selection of Games chosen by Nrich themselves, Secondary Interactive Resources which have been chosen for use in the computer room or on the whiteboard. The games are presented in order of difficulty; we have Countdown for example, but with Complex Numbers, Vectors and Matrices.

black-box-nrichThe Black Box Game requires some thinking outside the box!



Additive Yohaku with rule

Yohakuu is a puzzle that will test your number sense and problem solving skills. Each Yohaku puzzle is either an additive or a multiplicative puzzle. You must fill in the empty cells such that they give the sum or product shown in each row and column as well as satisfying a rule if given.

Choose from 2×2, 3×3 or 4×4 puzzles.



Multiplicative Yohaku with ruleThese could be used as Starters or perhaps in form time.

Follow Yohaku on Twitter. Checking the Twitter stream I noted this algebraic puzzle below, an excellent idea. Try a little logic, where must c be placed for example.

Algebraic Yohaku

By Colleen Young Posted in Algebra

Statistics Games

A collection of Statistics games…

Guess the Correlation

Guess the Correlation – Omar Wagih

From Cambridge PhD student, Omar Wagih ‘Guess the Correlation‘, a rather addictive game with a purpose – Omar Wagih is collecting the data on the guesses collected and using it to analyse how we perceive correlations in scatter plots. Select About to read the rules and further details.


Science Kids

Science Kids

For early Probability and Statistics, see Statistics (at the bottom of the page) on Science Kids.



Monty Hall - Shodor

Advanced Monty Hall – Shodor

Try the Monty Hall problem on the Shodor site.

Tangrams handout

For a rather sophisticated use of games in the Statistics classroom for older students, see the Minitab Blog on Using Games to Teach Statistics. The Tangram Game and further details can be found here. Further activities are available under Activities and Game-Based Labs.

More Lovely Puzzles!

To highlight some great puzzles…

Mathematics, Learning and Technology

A consistently popular post on this blog is ‘Lovely Puzzles‘ which has links to many puzzle sites which include mathematical puzzles. This seems a good time of year to investigate some of these further. A good puzzle for Christmas Eve perhaps (or any day!) would be ‘Make 24’.

Make 24 (1)

Can you make 24? You must use all the numbers once and you are allowed the four operations and brackets.
(Further information and solutions for Make 24 and other Number puzzles are listed on the Number page on Mathematics Games). Number puzzles like this can make excellent starters.

Other possibilities for puzzle-type lesson starters come from Erich Friedman who has a variety of Mathematical Puzzles; try his Weird Calculator Puzzles for example or these Number Formation Puzzles both of which would make ideal ‘Bell Work‘.

Untangle - Simon Tatham
Another great collection comes from Simon Tatham, I have been enjoying…

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Transum Maths Puzzles

Transum Tweet

Select Image for Transum’s Pu Wiange puzzle

I couldn’t resist this counter moving challenge – happy to report that I scored 20! Evidence in the image!
Pu Wiang

Update: 19 is the new record!Transum Pu Wiang Trophy

You can try more puzzles from Transum here.

There are plenty to try, all are attractively presented and easy to use. Fun to do but these puzzles will help students practise a variety of mathematical skills.

Some of these puzzles would make good lesson starters, for example the Magic Square puzzle or Prime Square.

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