Where to start?

You will find many games and puzzles to try here (all free!)
Many are from the excellent nrich site – this has new challenges each month.

You may like to try the following to start, these games are easy to understand and use :
(Note all the tabs at the top)

Number: Sumdog, Make 1000, Multiplication, Got It, Connect Three
Puzzles: The Set Game, Rush Hour, Copy Cat
Counters: Diagonal Dodge
Paper: Daisy, Odd Tic Tac, Square It
Nim: Nim (NRICH)
Maths: Super Maths World, Estimating Angles, Weakest Link
Tables: Learn those tables – any of the games here should help!
World Maths Day: Many students participate in this fun annual event, have a look at the World Maths Day page for the date of the next event and for some games to help you practise in the meantime!

The Collections page has numerous resourses.
Can you make these little people all stand up in the Mathisfun RayRay game?


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