Pose a Puzzle

Some wonderful puzzles here from Ed Southall on Solve My Maths.

Solve My Maths

Ah we all love a good puzzle. I’ve spoken a few times about my love of them, and it’s kind of inferred by almost everything on this website.

There are some great maths puzzles. Not only do they excite students in a way that perhaps no textbook page can, they also make you think. I don’t think any good puzzles can be done just by applying a mindless algorithm to a familiar looking structure.

I could write a billion words on puzzles so I’m going to have to be more specific. In my mind there are two kinds of maths puzzles.

Type 1 is the ‘one off’ puzzle. These can be presented, solved and moved to one side. Not that they aren’t great, they’re FANTASTIC, i write them all the time on this very website. Here are a couple of other great examples of this kind of puzzle:


This one…

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