All NRICH games

Super Maths World
Click guest and then any of the sample games (green tick beside game). Sample games are available in all the categories.
Play at your chosen difficulty level – games available for Algebra, Data, Number and Shape

Several excellent games from Manga High.

Jonathan Hall’s Flash Maths includes a games collection.

John-Paul Green’s FlashyMaths has several excellent resources.

Ray Ray – Math is Fun

Math is fun – numerous games on their games pages.
Games2 includes a Parking lot game – similar to Rush Hour.
This page also has Tangrams.

Try RayRay!

Math Playground

Count On games collection

I Love Maths Games (E Hughes)

Math-Play – a large collection including Jeopardy Games

Subtangent – Games ( Duncan Keith)
Note that the Weakest Link link does not work from this site, see the maths page here.

From Oswego City School District comes this collection – which includes games for younger students. These games are very good for mental arithmetic practice. Also note the Power Lines game.

Sheppard Software 

Math Games from Jefferson Lab (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility – Office of Science Education).

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