Find the Factors

Find the Factors

Find the Factors Puzzles – Iva Sallay

For a puzzle with a difference which requires both logic and multiplication try a Find the Factors puzzle from Iva Sallay on her Find the Factors blog. In this Find the Factors 1-10 puzzle can you place the numbers 1 to 10 in the first row and the first column to make the multiplication table work? Iva Sallay has clearly explained the puzzles here: How to Find the Factors.

New puzzles are published each week, I like the Excel files provided with puzzles of varying levels of difficulty. You will also find many hints and tips in the various posts. See Hooked on Factoring, for example, a post giving techniques for solving the puzzles and an Excel file of puzzles.


Think Outside the Flock!

Think Outside the Flock

Think Outside the Flock – Bart Bonte

I really like Bart Bonte’s logic game ‘Think Outside the Flock’. The game is on Math Playground which I know has many games students enjoy; I have added a new Logic page which includes this and other logic games and puzzles.


From Creative Heuristics Ltd, Rogo is a puzzle which is simple to learn and will enable users to practise addition and problem solving skills. Information and full instructions (note the ‘play here’ tab on the menu) are given on the website. Daily puzzles are provided as are solutions.

Rogo has been added to the Puzzles page.


NumberCruncher from Science NetLinks offers a choice of two levels, the easiest allows you as many steps as you need to reach a target using given operations or for more of a challenge try to reach the target in less than seven steps. Click on ‘How To Play’ for clear instructions.


Added to the Puzzles page – has a collection of puzzles which can be played online, for each puzzle type click on ’Rules’ and ‘How to Play’ for clear tutorials and instructions.