December 2019
The Set Game
– a daily puzzle is set in The New York Times. How many sets can you find? See SET Puzzle Rules to learn how to play. App in iOS and see Set Game Apps

Find the Factors - Iva Sallay

Find the Factors – Iva Sallay

Try a Find the Factors puzzle from Iva Sallay.

Pu Wiang

Pu Wiang and other Transum puzzles

Transum have a great variety of puzzles to try. Can you complete Pu Wiang in 20 moves or less?

Algebraic YohakuYohaku is a puzzle that will test your number sense and problem-solving skills. Each Yohaku puzzle is either an additive or a multiplicative puzzle. You must fill in the empty cells such that they give the sum or product shown in each row and column as well as satisfying a rule if given.

Code Breaker  from Creativity Games.net.

Can you crack the hidden code and place the correct colour marbles in the correct place?


Paul Godding’s 7 puzzle blog frequently offers new puzzles to try.

7 Puzzle Blog

7 Puzzle Blog

Sitalakshmi Seshadrinathan’s  Gymnasium for Brain has an extensive collection of puzzles with clear solutions. You could try the puzzle of the day. Note all the other goodies on this site.

Daily Sudoku


This site offers a large collection of puzzles and brain teasers, there is also a section on illusions.

KenKen (See KenKen Tutorial)   

Puzzles from Plus Magazine (Millenium Maths Project – University of Cambridge)

Erich's PuzzlesErich Friedman’s Puzzle Collection includes numerous mathematics puzzles.

Simon Tatham’s Collection  A collection 0f  puzzles – these can all be run online.


Large collection of puzzles to test your skills including logic and lateral thinking puzzles.

Logic Puzzles from John Pratt – there is a link to solutions at the foot of the page.

Nick’s Puzzles (Nick Hobson)

Rubik Cube net puzzle (NRICH)

Building Blocks Can you arrange the blocks to fit the shape in the fastest time possible? (5 levels)

Maths Doodles   


This site offers a large collection of puzzles and brain teasers.

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