There are many games available to help you practice your tables:

Transum Flash Tables

Transum – Flash Tables

From Transum Software comes Flash tables which will present you with random questions from your chosen tables and then show the answer at the speed you select. Also from Transum, see this Tables Collection which has several activities to try.

For a fun way to practise, try Sundae Times from Manga High.
Sundae Times Manga High

Tables Test

Try this Tables Test from which you can play at different levels.

Sum Sense from Oswego City School District is a little different – arrange the given numbers to give a correct statement. If you like this game note that Sum Sense games are available for other operations, scroll down to the bottom of this collection.

BBC Skillswise though written for adults has some useful activities for students.

For a real challenge try a Find the Factors puzzle from Iva Sallay.

Sumdog has many numeracy games includes tables.
(See these instructions for students on using Sumdog)


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