Where to start?

You will find many games and puzzles to try here (all free!)
You may like to try the following to start, these games are easy to understand and use.

Super Maths World

Super Maths World

Super Maths World

Click guest and then any of the sample games (green tick beside game). Sample games are available in all the categories. Note that the free games seem to change all the time so you can try a good variety. Play at your chosen difficulty level – games available for Algebra, Data, Number and Shape.

Think Outside the Flock – Bart Bonte

Available on Math Playground, the 25 levels of Think Outside the Flock will test your thinking skills!

The Set Game

New York Times – The Set Game

The Set Game a daily puzzle is set in The New York Times.
How many sets can you find?
Quick summary of rules
Interactive Tutorial


RayRay game from Mathisfun

Can you make these little people all stand up in the Mathisfun RayRay game?

If you want to practise your tables there are many sites to help you; try some of the suggestions here.

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